Guest Post: My Name is Ariele and I Write Books: Why My Planet Is Shaped Like A Donut

Hello, R. T. Donlon’s fans. My name is Ariele, as you can see from the title, and I write books. This blog is primarily to tell you about the release of my newest novel, The Wounded World, and also to give you a little taste of my universe.  

Let’s begin with the book. The Wounded World is told from the perspective of Quin, a highly respected member of the Sagittan military, and the son of a high-level government official. When Quin arrives home after being summoned by his government for a consultation, he discovers that his father has, in fact, vanished, leaving behind a potentially volatile and dangerous piece of technology called a Polylocus Door. He promptly sets out to look for his father and attempt to solve the number of problems he encounters along the way.


You can find out more about me, my book, and my characters by visiting my website, Facebook, and Twitter.


Now, this book, along with my two others (The Clock Winked and The Lonely Whelk), are primarily based out of Pomegranate City on the planet Sagitta, which is shaped like a donut.


Why is it shaped like a donut? you might ask.


Let me illustrate the history of this particular planet to you. This is a torus, and it represents the general shape of the planet. But it didn’t always look this way.

Upload 1


Once upon a time, it looked like this:

 Upload 2

It was an oblate spheroid with rings. Also it was in space. Because it was a planet. Obviously.

Then one day, it saw something strange in the generally nearby vicinity. A comet.

Upload 3

Though the planet begged and pleaded, the comet was unable to divert its course, and smashed into the planet with a polite, “Beg pardon, sir.”

Upload 4

The planet was pushed clear of the rings…

...and then exploded.

Upload 5

This, of course, saddened the rings, who were left in the rather cold universe with nothing but the little bits of dust left by the comet to keep them company.

Upload 6

But being rather more self-sufficient than the planet had been, they clumped themselves together and created Sagitta, the toroidal planet circling the star Liera at a 23 degree angle. (They managed to snag dust and particles from passing comets, etc. over the years, for those of you who are wondering where the rest of the debris came from. Also, the debris field was very spread out.)

Upload 7

And over time, it evolved into the beautiful home of our favourite Pomegranate City (see the star shape? That’s where the city is.).

Upload 8

And that is how Sagitta became a torus.

The end.


Although part of the book takes place on other planets besides Sagitta, I do explore some of the interesting potential phenomenons that might occur on this planet. Check it out by picking up a copy of The Wounded World or reading an excerpt from blog #1 of my tour. You can also read more about my characters on H.S. Stone’s blog, Amy’s blog, Zack's blog, and K.W. Keith's blog.


For those of you who are interested in the possibilities inherent in a toroidal planet, read this cool i09 article on torus-shaped planets.