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R.T. Donlon spends his mornings with coffee in hand and computer open to his next novel in progress. He is a high school teacher by day, a basketball coach by night, and an author everywhere in between. He is the author of Walls, The Reaper Trials, and Amazon's Epic Fantasy bestselling series, The City of Shadow & Dust Series. 


The Edge of a New Beginning is the start of a 12-part fantasy series that parallels the likes of Game of Thrones and The Hobbit, but brings a unique lens into the fantasy genre. The idea of corrupt kings, angry gods, wary heroes, and ravishing landscapes is far from new, but the world that R.T. Donlon creates and the stories behind identity-stricken characters are things previously unseen.


Book 2 of the series, Darkness Beneath the Dying Light, is out now!