|| Book 1 ||

| The edge of a new beginning |

Lider York is an Ix'a Youth - a clandestine group of young men and women trained by the Elders to protect the world from Darkness. But when they discover that Lider is more than just an orphan boy, the Elders begin to worry. If the boy is who they think he is, the world is in terrible danger.

Just north, Tae Jean feels something. It picks at her, speaks to her in her dreams, urges her to run. So when King Remundicus enlists her help, she hesitantly accepts the responsibility, knowing full-well this might be her chance to escape Kingdom Flare once and for all.


Book 1 of The City of Shadow & Dust Series follows these two characters as they begin the journey to a new horizon, to face a monster so mysterious not even the Mystics can speak its name.